The Pot Holes of Life.

Life is full of pot holes. There is no two ways about that. You can try to avoid them all you want, but sooner or later, you’re going to crack an axle in one.

That happened this past week. I finally had to make a painful decision I have been avoiding for months. I had to fire my publisher and regain the rights to my fiction books. After three quarters of not getting a royalty statement in anything resembling a timely manner, I finally pulled the plug on Monday. Thankfully we had a contract that spelled out exactly what happens in the event either side chose to terminate it. This made the process very smooth, and allowed us to part the friends we were before entering into business together.

Not one to mope around about things that don’t go well, I’m now looking at the future with happy eyes again. I announced that Bygone Era Books would now be accepting queries for historical fiction now, as well as non-fiction. This should hopefully bolster BEB’s roster of authors as well as give me the latitude to re-publish my novels under the BEB imprint.

I managed to get them both uploaded and started through the publishing process last night and today they are coming back on-line again and becoming available for sale.

So, as much as I tried to avoid and give wide berth to this unpleasant pot hole, I ultimately had no choice but to drive through. Now that it is behind me, it looks a lot less threatening than it did from the other side.


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