New Book Title Announcement

I have long maintained that those odd moments in the early morning hours when I am somewhere between being awake and asleep, the answers to the great riddles of the universe come to me. Then I wake up and promptly forget them.

This morning, I was dozing on the train on my way to work and I got one of those flashes. This time I wrote it down right away so I would remember. I haven’t solved world hunger or figured out a practical means of interstellar travel, but I did map out the entire plot of the last book of the Chronicles of the Mages trilogy. I have always had a general idea of the nature of the conclusion, but only this morning did the details come to me in those 10 minutes I spend on the train.

And now I also know the title (fanfare please!): Immortal Apocalypse

I’m not ready to give the plot away yet, but I think this one might actually get some groups to try to ban it. That should help sales! Let the games begin!


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