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Another New Year, Another New Enterprise

I’ve been kind of quiet lately because I have been extremely busy. Recent activities have included writing and submitting short stories for two different anthologies. One is an anthology of Denver writers and the other is for one featuring stores that are about Denver. The first is an alternate history story based on the concept that Tsar Alexander II was not assassinated. The second is a Denver-based time-travel story.

I’ve also been plugging away at my latest novel, tentatively called When Gods Wake. It is an urban fantasy set in the immediate future and has strong ties to Greek mythology. Kind of Percy Jackson meets Damian from The Omen.

In the midst of all of this Immortal Duplicity was released, sort of. I have to say I have been a little disappointed in my publisher’s efforts to get this book out. It came out for Amazon sales on November 18th, yet now (I’m writing this on New Year’s Day) it still has not been released for distribution to other retailers. I have been trying to promote independent book stores, but if they can’t get my books, it makes that a little difficult. This is one of these situations were I am constantly reminded “patience is a virtue”, to which I always point out that I have never been accused of being virtuous.

But my big new adventure is the formation of my own publishing company, Bygone Era Books (of BEB for short). BEB is a small press dedicated to publishing only nonfiction in three categories: History, Biography, and Genealogy. Much of the past month (any even more of my paycheck) has been spent setting up the company and getting the ball rolling. I already have two authors who have expressed interest in having BEB publish their work. Today is our official “start of business” day.

Jumping right into the fire, BEB released its first book today: the 2014 edition of my Reference Guide to the Royal Families. I’m using this as my practice baby to get used to the new software, programs, and processes associated with this new venture. The next few books to come will be re-releases of four of my nonfiction titles. Publishing under the BEB imprint puts them in catalogs for consideration to be carried by retail stores. Something I did not have previous access to.

My not-so-secret hope is BEB will be successful enough to allow me to quit my day job and focus entirely on writing and publishing. Let’s see what 2014 has to offer!


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