Next Project

I still have one more book to write for the Chronicles of the Mages series. But before I do that, I’m writing a stand alone novel. My goal is to get an agent with this one.

The general premise of the new novel, tentatively called When Gods Wake, is that the ancient Greek gods were real and their spirits are lying dormant inside ordinary people all over the globe. As each host of a godly spirit dies, the spirit goes to a newborn, the cycle having been repeated for nearly 3000 years.

Now an event has happened to trigger an ancient prophecy about their return. Our heroine, Nikki, who has regular conversations in her head with the spirit of Gaea, has to locate the people who are currently playing host to the spirits of the six children of Kronos. When she gives them a piece of an ancient artifact it awakens the spirit of the god within. But the gods cannot regain their powers until all six have been awakened. All of this is being done with the Catholic Church using all of its resources to prevent the Awakening.

There are several subplots, one involving an actress who gets pregnant with a child who figures prominently into the prophecy and a religious zealot who begins by assuming this child is going to be the Anti-Christ. He tries to destroy he child, but Nikki intervenes and the two end up working together, but for different purposes.

There will be plenty of action, drama, sex, and humor throughout the book. So far I am only on Chapter 4, so I have a long ways to go. I’m trying to set everything else aside for now so I can finish the first draft by the end of December.

Another thing that I have done recently is written some short stories which have been submitted to be considered for inclusion in Anthologies that are to be published soon. The first is an alternate history story based on the premise that Tsar Alexander II was not assassinated. The other is a time travel story involving a prostitute in Denver.


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