Trying to be a Full-Time Writer in 11 Months

For quite some time I have harbored the no so secret ambition of quitting my day job and being able to live off of my writing. As each month goes by, I get closer and closer to making that a reality. Now I’ve set an initial goal: Quit the day job at the end of the fiscal year, 30 Jun 2014.

I’ve set up several paths to follow to get me to this goal. One, which I am doing right now, is to promote the shit out of Immortal Betrayal and get ready for a big release of Immortal Duplicity in November. I am currently on a one-man sales mission to encourage all of the independent bookstores across the country to carry my novels. There are even a few I have found that are genre-oriented in such a way they may be interested in carrying some of my non-fiction too. My publisher is tackling the big chains, like Barnes and Noble.

Next, and I have already started this, really step up my game on the article writing. I’m using every connection I can find to get hooked up with magazine and ezine feature article publishers to write on any topic they willing to let me write about. I have a job-hunting article pending editorial review now and have recently written things on a haunted hotel and the local political scene on Colorado. Check out for my articles to date. As each one comes out, I will add it to my portfolio there.

Between article writing and book royalties I am making about as much as a part-time hamburger flipper now, but it’s moving in the right direction. Now I am focused on getting it to a livable wage by June. I’ll give until March before I do a serious assessment of how I’m doing. By then I should be able to determine how I’m doing and if I need to continue slaving for the Man (Actually my immediate supervisor is a woman).

Wish me luck!


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