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Two of my early books have found new life.

I was rather surprised to learn that two of my first books have come back to life. The Descendants of Louis XIII (1999) and The Descendants of King George I of Great Britain (2002), were both originally published by the now defunct Clearfield Company. They have both been out of print for several years.

A couple of days ago, I received a letter from, the owner of Clearfield’s assets, including my books, explaining that they were again becoming available to a network that provides books for libraries and colleges. They do not seem to be available for regular retail purchase, but I still received a royalty check with the letter which represented sales from 2012.

Just goes to show that old books never really die.


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“Immortal Duplicity” is FINALLY done!

I have been working on the second book of my mage series for what seems like since the fifth grade. I am happy to report I finished the first draft today!

Writing this book took a twisty turning path because I was not sure it was going to be my next book out. I was beginning to focus more on a stand-alone urban fantasy novel I want to write because the mage series wasn’t getting any traction. Then, suddenly, Thursday Night Press wanted to do the whole mage series, all 5 books. Woohoo! But that meant I had to get on the stick and finish book two.

I got pretty stuck at one point. I am firm believer in the saying “Writer’s block is when your imaginary friends stop talking to you.” My imaginary friends and I had a 2-month falling out. Ben & Jerry helped us work through our issues and then I could move forward.

I mentioned in a recent post that I have only a general idea of the plot of a book while I am writing it. I am like the readers. I find out how it ends when I get there. So now I know how book two ends. I think you’ll like it.

Next step is the editing process. Many writers hate this portion. I typically don’t mind it much. My editor doesn’t tinker much with the storytelling, but cleans up the way I tell it. This is where I think I differ from other writers. I have never considered myself a “writer.” I am a story teller. I have stories to tell that I think are fun, entertaining, and thought provoking. I love telling the story, but I need editors to help me “write” it.

Immortal Duplicity is currently on schedule for an early November release. Watch this space, I will announce it when a more definite date is set.

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