Been very busy these past few weeks

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say I haven’t died, I’m just very busy at the moment.

There has been a lot of royal news going on so I have been writing various articles about that, plus I am working on two books simultaneously. In addition to the royalty articles, I am submitting articles on any number of topics to various publications. For my articles that have been released, they are all accessible through

The first book which will come out will be volume 2 of my 11-book genealogical series, The Descendants of Charles II. This volume coves the descendants of his eldest daughter, Anne Fitzroy, Countess of Sussex. It is scheduled for release in December.

I continue to slog my through writing book 2 of the Mage Chronicles, Immortal Duplicity. I had hoped to have I out by now, but getting picked up by a publisher has slowed that process down. Therefore, I have not felt a real need to speed through it. It is the trickiest of the 5 books of the series to write because here I start revealing some major plot devices that will come to their complete fruition in book 5. The tricky part is to add enough to be entertaining now, but not too much to spoil some of the surprises yet to come.

The first third of the book takes place around the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864. One reason the publisher has slowed down the release is to time it with the 150th anniversary of this dark piece of Colorado (and US) history. That happens next year, so we are aiming for first quarter 2014 for the release.

One other piece of literary news: Now that Immortal Betrayal is out in paperback and available from a publisher, it is under consideration to be carried in Barnes and Noble stores. I am waiting to hear if they are going to stock it or not. The same is true for a very large local independent bookstore, The Tattered Cover. So keep your fingers crossed for me!


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