Been a quiet couple of weeks

Well, quiet in terms of news. I’ve been writing like a banshee.

Immortal Duplicity is trucking along. I am trying to have it completed and to TNP (Thursday Night Press) by the end of April. They tell me they cannot guarantee having it published in time for Mile-Hi Con, but I am still hoping. A portion of the plot revolves around the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado in 1864, and TNP is more interested in tying it to the 150th anniversary next year.

There are also several royal articles in progress, or on my radar. I have two to write concerning Prince Harry’s visit to Colorado next month. One to be published before and one to be published as a recap. I am also writing 3 articles connected to the retirement of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Inauguration (they don’t have coronations) of King Willem-Alexander, which happens on April 30th. The Dutch articles have not been sold yet, but the event is not really on any American radars quite yet. American media does not seem to think more than a week or so out. But I have brought it up with my contact at Yahoo! News.

Speaking of the royal visit, I was the local NBC affiliate, channel 9, when the news was announced that Harry was coming here. Here’s a link to my few seconds on camera: Daniel Willis on TV.

Okay that’s enough to let you all know I’m still alive. Now back to writing!


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