I’m going to soon be writing magazine and webzine articles

I have stumbled upon a company called contently.com. If I understand correctly they, among other things, will act as a headhunter to connect publications with writers to write specific stories for them.

I have signed up to be one of their writers. It sounds very part-time/occasional, especially in the beginning. But they pay well for the articles I would write, so I’m willing to give it a whirl.

On a related note, Prince Harry is coming to Denver in May. We don’t get many offical royal visits in Colorado, so the local media is pretty excited. I have been pressing the flesh and contacting all of the media outlets in town to use me as their “royal expert” when they cover this story. I did one TV spot on 9NEWS when the rip was first announced. There will likely be more closer to and during his visit. I also contacted Yahoo!News to see if they wanted any feature articles written for the event.

I have a little history with Yahoo!News. They ran a few stories I wrote for Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton and they accredited me for press credentials so I was able to get into the press corps covering the royal wedding in Monaco a few months later. Between the high cost of travel to Europe and my own busy scheduled here at home, I haven’t been able to do any globe-trotting since then. So, I’m looking forward to an opportunity to cover a royal event right here in my back yard.


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