Shout out to Skylight Editorial

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was trying out a new editing service, Skylight Editorial. I received my first novel-length editing job back from them and I am VERY pleased with their work. They had three separate editors go through the work and make corrections using three colored fonts so I could see which was suggesting what and they also made several notes in the margins which were items that required my attention. They provided me with two versions of the document, one with their mark-ups so I could see what they changed and one with the edited text sans the mark-ups. Using the documents side-by-side, I was able to re-word things where they suggested it was needed while still seeing what I had been there originally and what they were suggesting.

I had paid a lower rate which allowed them 4 weeks to complete the edits, but they did it in just two. And their pricing simply cannot be beat. They offer a fews tiers of prices based on the speed in whcih you want the work and also to what extent you want them to edit. I paid for essentially proof-reading which corrects all of the typos, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, but they also make some changes based on over usage of a word, or to clarify the meaning of a sentence. I could have paid more for a thorough editing for content as well and gotten feedback on plot and/or character development, etc. I have another means for this piece so I only paid for proofreading.

I would quite happily recommend Skylight Editorial to any author who does not already have an editor. And if you don’t have a professional editing team, your work is likely not being properly edited. I have learned this the hard way.

Again the pricing cannot be beat. For a 63,000 word manuscript, they charged me $280 and change. That is far less than any other quote I got and the quality was just as good. I will be using them for my future books as well!



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5 responses to “Shout out to Skylight Editorial

  1. Ya they’re great! I used them too a while back.

  2. I send an article to Skylight editorial and I think this service is a scam. I pay for a proofreading and when I sent the article to the magazine the chief editor answer to me that the level of the english was very poor. Later I sent an e-mail to the editorial for requesting an answer and the answer was that they can not review the article other time, and If I want to review the article I must pay with a 15% discount. Really I am very dissatisfied I wasted my money.

    • One the thing to get used to with Skylight is they only do what you pay them to do. If you pay for proofreading for example, they will correct typos, punctuation, the occasional word misuse and not much else. To get them to correct grammar, you need to pay for editing. Now that I own a publishing company, we do the grammar correction in house and then send to Skylight for the proofreading to put the commas in the right place and correct any typos we missed. It works really well for us. I have used them a time or two for editing and was happy with the results, but that gets pricey on a novel-length work.

      • Yes dawillis the problem that I had was that They don’t do what I pay and when I asked for a solution, they offer me to pay a second time for the same service with a 15% of discount.

    • My document did not arrive on time as well. I’m stressed out because it is likely that I will miss the due date for my paper…

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