I have a Publisher!

I am happy to report that my “Chronicles of the Mages” series has found a home. Thursday Night Press has agreed to publish the first volume with right of first refusal on the remaining 4 books.

Thursday Night Press is a small press in Denver whose schtick is promoting new Denver authors. They are essentially a start-up company, so their clientele list is pretty small so far. But the best thing is that with then as a publisher, I can get my work considered by reviewers and retailers who thumb their noses at self-published authors (which is most of them). Most notably, my books will eligible now for consideration to be on the bookshelves of most brick-and-mortar books stores, like Barnes and Noble.

Futhermore, I have found a professional proof-reading service that does not charge an arm and leg to give my work a final corrective read. I already have an editor who helps with things like writing style and tone and plot/character development, but she has proven not so reliable with catching typos. Since I am dyslexic, I generally don’t even notice words with the letters turned around wrong, so I definitely need a professional proof-reader.

The self-published version of Immortal Betrayal will be pulled from publication this weekend, the text will be re-edited and professionally proof-read (I have gotten feedback that there are still several typos) and then re-released by Thursday Night Press. It should be available by mid-March.

So I’m having a good day (and it’s only 6:30 am)


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