A New Year, A New Adventure: Blogging

Okay, the year is actually a month old now, but I’m just getting with this program.

So let’s start with the esstentials:

Who am I?
I am a struggling author. I have been writing non-fiction books related to royal genealogy since 1996. But I have recently started writing fiction. My first novel Immortal Betrayal was self-published in March 2012.

Why self publish?
My non-fiction books appeal to a very niche market. These are people I know how to reach through various sources. I do not have a need to try to find a publisher for them. However, the world of fiction is a very different universe. There are literally thousands of new titles being released every day. Trying to get your novel noticed by anyone, reader or bookseller, is the biggest challenge of the business. For me, I find this process harder than writing the book to start with. So I am actively seeking an agent and/or publisher for my fiction work. There will be plenty of posts here on that subject alone.

Why royal genealogy?
Why does gravity work the way it does? Hell if I know. When I was a very young man, I read a book called The Queen and her Court on something of a whim. It was in front of me and I was bored. Yeah, I was one of the those kids that read the encyclopedia for entertainment. But my upbringing is a subject for a whole other blog (or possibly a shrink). This book had an appendix which included a listing of Queen Victoria’s children and grandchildren. They ruled countries I had not yet even heard of. So I started looking into the royal families and how they were related to one another and soon I was hooked.

What kind of fiction do I write?
I range from pure fantasy to standard historical fiction, but usually fall somewhere in the middle with a combination of the two. Immortal Betrayal is meant to be the first of a series of 5 books. The primary characters are members of a secondary race of humans, called the Homo Magis (Mage for short) which live incredibly long lives. Their average life expectancy is over 900 years. The books are stories about the roles they have played in select historical events. There is a conflict building among the Mage ranks and it will come to an intense climax in the last book.

I am also working on a stand alone novel revolving around the return of the Greek Gods to the world in the present day. There are lots of colorful figures and a dark entity trying to prevent the return. Working title: When Gods Wake

Other writings have included article length to short story length alternative fiction stories. These stories tend to be tied to royal families and follow “what if” scenarios. One example is based on the premise that Tsar Alexander II actually survived the assassination that, in our timeline, made Russia into the powder keg that led to Revolution followed by a Communist regime. I have yet to publish any of these. They may come together in a anthology.

I think that is enough for a first blog entry. I will add entries regularly as I progress through the publishing process.


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  1. Hi Dan,

    it has been a while- glad I stumbled across this!


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